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Locksmith prices

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My Price Promise To You!
All Quotes Include Parts and Labour With No Hidden Costs, No Call Out Charges and No VAT

 The price to replace a lock depends on the type of lock, brand & security standard.

Why Prices Vary When Replacing Locks:

No two locks are the same! locks will vary from basic medium security to high security and this along with the type or door can effect the price.

Things to consider. 

1. Brand of lock being replaced

2. Standard of lock being changed ( British Standard or Non-BS standard )

3. Time of day if out of hours or normal working hours

4. Time taken for locksmith to complete job

5. Distance locksmith has to travel

All locks fitted come with
a minimum 12 months guarantee

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Beware the £39 locksmith!

Locksmith Google Adverts Stating from £39 / £49 / £59 Price but charging a lot more!

Locksmiths using the bait and switch scheme when advertising in the Google Ads at the top of the search. The locksmith bait & switch price scheme is a major problem in the industry currently, resulting in customers being charged over £500 for a simple job such as a lock out.
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Questions to ask a suspected rogue locksmith:

1. Name of locksmith, who will be carrying out the work, do you have the name of the locksmith?

2. Are they are a Subcontractor, ask if they are subcontracting the work?

3. If a subcontractor, ask for the name and contact details in case any problems arise? 

4. Who are you paying, find out who your contract is actually with and who it is that you are paying?

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